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    Leader-Sustainable Strategies-Archetype Communication-Deep thinker – Public Policy Implementation -Entrepreneur -Lecturer-Innovator-
    Researcher-Humanist-High Political Adviser-Journalist-Change Maker- Internationally experienced-Strategy and complexity Expert-Network aggregator

    Founder at B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Comunication

    Yannick Le Guern, President and Founder of the company B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies and Paragon Communication, offers an example of today’s global sustainable leader & change maker: internationally experienced with the ability to turn experience into value creating
    opportunities that serve both his organizations and the world.


    Yannick studied at the renowned University of Paris IX Dauphines where he obtained a PHD in Strategic Management and Organizational Sociology. Actively involved in global sustainability, public policy implementation and politics he started his career during, Jospin Government, as high leading technical advisor.


    A few years later, he participated in the strategic reorientation of the renowned Advancia-Novancia Business School and created a Master'sdegree in Entrepreneurship.

    Already concerned by the will to develop sustainable projects, he introduced in France the new concepts on the responsible, social and sustainable entrepreneurship.


    He led the Business Incubator of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Paris. He was also attached to the entrepreneurship chair HEC-ESCP-ADVANCIA and he exercised activities of professor-researcher. Presently,Yannick continues his activity as lecturer concerning entrepreneurship, complex projects steering, public policy implementation, leading and strategic management.


    His focus would eventually shift towards creating strategies for sustainable leadership that also addressed pressing human problems. He recently launched an unparalleled network for global sustainable change the “Global sustainable leaders network” together with other sustainable and change actors.


    Together with Laura Petrache he launched the first European Migrant Sustainable Integration Lab.

    His latest achievement was concretized under the project “Institute for Government “. This Institute offers Agile Solutions and Global Sustainable Policies B1-AKT helps make government more effective.


    Yannick exhibits all the qualities of today’s global sustainable leader: internationally experienced with the ability to turn experience into value-creating opportunities that serve both his organizations and the world.